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Our Family

Nathan: Jennifer and I grew up in the same area, Washington MO. We both attended Washington High School, we were even in the same graduating class of 1996, but we did not really meet until 2001. I had just started a small business, called YHTI Internet, with 5 other partners. Jennifer was working as the Aquatics Director at the YMCA. I played basketball on Sunday nights at the YMCA and that is when I met Jennifer. We dated for about 6 months and after that time I knew God intended for us to be husband and wife.

Wedding Jennifer: Nathan proposed to me in the most unique and romantic way. I had just gotten home from work and I got a call from the Y saying there was a Girl Scout troop that had arrived to work on their swimming badge and no staff person was there to help them. So, they needed me to come back to the Y and help. I walked in the lobby of the Y and was told to look out the window overlooking the pool deck. Nathan had spelled out "MARRY ME" across the Y pool deck using fun noodles. But I didn't see his message, I just saw a mess of fun noodles on the pool deck. But then I saw Nathan kneeling down on the pool deck holding a ring up in the air for me to see. I cried... and eventually said YES!

Nathan: I couldn't believe she missed the "MARRY ME" part. Thankfully it was a busy evening at the Y and people that were there to watch swimming lessons had their cameras with them and started taking shots of us and the whole proposal. So a few days after I proposed random people started coming in with pictures to give us. So now we have pictures to remember the very special night.

Jennifer: And I finally got to see what the mess of fun noodles actually said.

In March of 2002 we were married. We now have 2 children, Lucas was born in September of 2004, and Allison was born in 2006.