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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out our ministry. A long time ago God gave us a passion to help marriages. Back in 2009 we were introduced to the ministry of FamilyLife, we were amazed at how God was using this ministry to really help build strong godly marriages and families all over the world. In 2010 we felt God calling us to join the ministry of FamilyLife. We quit our jobs, sold our home, and relocated to Little Rock Arkansas to work in full-time ministry with FamilyLife. We are so honored to serve God in this way and are in awe of how God has worked through us and FamilyLife to bring help and hope to couples everywhere.

Who is FamilyLife?
FamilyLife is a marriage and family ministry that was started by Dennis and Barbara Rainey in 1976. The mission of FamilyLife is to make every home a godly home.

Why is FamilyLife Needed?
In just one generation our nation has turned from a culture of marriage to a culture of divorce.
- Cohabitation rates are on the rise.
- Extra-marital affair rates have more than doubled over the last 10 years.
- Youth from broken homes are 3x more likely to drop out of school.

These are serious times. The family - the very fabric of society - is being torn apart. Nearly all of us have been touched in some way by the pain of divorce, either our own, or of someone we love.

People are desperately seeking answers to questions like: How can I make my marriage last? How can my spouse and I really love and understand one another? How can I raise godly children in an ungodly world? How can I encourage others in their marriages? If you are asking questions like these, you are not alone!

FamilyLife has been helping families answer these questions. They are taking the biblical blueprint, Godís design for family, and bringing them to life for couples. They provide excellent training for couples and parents on how to build a strong and healthy family. FamilyLife is one of the largest family ministries today, they have touched over 2 million people through their weekend events, over 9.5 million people listen to their radio show each week, and they have about 4 million people visit their web site each year.

"If we reach the FAMILY, we reach the WORLD"
Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.